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Eurofuturity 2019

Top 10 Level 1 with
- Walla Whiz N Tibo BB (owner Suzanne Scharroo) - 6th
- CS Gun be Ready (owner CS Ranch) - 10th

Top 10 level 2 with
-Walla Whiz N Tibo BB (owner Suzanne Scharroo) - 10th

I was very happy to be able to qualify both horses for the finals in this extremely challenging competition and, as icing on the cake, to end top 10 in both level 1 and 2. This was a thrilling and rewarding experience for the first big show of the year.
My gratitude goes to the owners, Suzanne Scharroo and CS Ranch for their trust and allowing me to ride their great horses, to Cira for her valuable coaching and the whole CS Team for their support.

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